Frequently Asked Questions

What is PlowBox?

PlowBox is a quarterly (seasonal) organic seed club.  We send out seeds and gifts to our members every 3 months that are appropriate for their climate.

What's the difference between PlowBox and PlowBox Green?

PlowBox is a quarterly seed club for mostly outdoor growing.  PlowBox Green is a monthly microgreens seed club for indoor growing. Microgreens are eaten 7-14 days after planted, so you never have a mature plant.  PlowBoxes have home & garden related gifts in each box.  PlowBox Green is only seeds and soil for a constant supply of fresh greens.

How does it work?

PlowBox: You tell us what your weather is like, and we send you seeds to plant in your garden. You also receive fun garden and food-related gifts to compliment your fresh vegetables and herbs.  PlowBox Green: You just choose mild or spicy (or blended) and we send you seeds and soil every month so you never run out of greens.

How are the boxes priced?

With both boxes you can choose to pay each time a box is sent, or subscribe to multiple boxes at one time.  You can save a lot by subscribing to a whole year.  We also have coupons available frequently on our social media pages.  You can always save 20% of your first box with code "TRYPLOWBOX"

When will my boxes arrive?

PlowBox (original) arrives in December (before Christmas), March, June and September.  You must subscribe before the cutoff date to receive the upcoming box.  Cutoff dates for the upcoming box are as follows: November 30th (Winter),  January 31st (Spring),  April 30th (Summer), and July 31st (Fall).  We can try to accommodate special requests, but often do not have the supplies necessary for late shipments. PlowBox Green arrives every month.

Can I get a box right away?

We plan each box carefully for each climate, based on the number of current subscribers.  Unfortunately we don't have extra boxes outside of our normal shipping schedule.  If you are giving PlowBox as a gift (and we recommend you do), we send out a beautiful, full-color welcome card to each new subscriber, including a small gift to get them excited about gardening.  This letter serves as a wonderful card for a gift recipient when you can't hand them the actual box.

Are you ready to subscribe to PlowBox?

The sooner you take the first step toward starting your garden, the sooner you could be eating fresh, organic food.  In this day and age, knowing exactly what's in your food is more of a concern than ever.  Growing your own food is the only guaranteed way of knowing that you are eating.